Feel good, do good.

Over the course of 2017, I completed and shared a daily inspirational painting project for the next year. 

The story behind why I did so is as follows:

It begins with a diary entry from the first day I moved to NYC:

When I started my journey as an artist, there were many moments of painful, doubt-filled silence. 

As proof, here's an unedited diary entry from my first day pursuing art in New York:

I live in NYC and I am not really sure what I am doing.


I spent a lot of time questioning what I was doing and figuring out how to "be an artist" or even more basic "a functioning human". Also, I made some really ugly art (I can send pictures if you really want to see it). 


Oftentimes, I found myself reading old messages of encouragement from family and friends and inspirational quotes. Lots of quotes. One day, I decided to stop reading them and start painting them. I painted one, then many more. I filled a whole book, then started painting them on individual pieces of paper and archiving them in boxes. Stacks of boxes. 


Each painting chronicled a step along my ongoing journey and I started to wonder if other people struggled like I did to you know...just go for their dreams. 


Finally, I decided that for an entire year, I would publish one of my art pieces each day. Maybe no one is out there looking at it, or maybe someone is (Hi, Mom!). Regardless, I wanted to know what it would be like to have a year of positive thoughts. One year doesn't seem that long...right? (counting days in head) 


I don't know what your dream is, the things you want to accomplish, or where you might be on your journey. But, I do hope that this could be one small thing each day that pushes you to try something new, gives you a reason to smile, and serves as a sign to start now or not to give up. Or maybe, just maybe, it might make you feel good and say #thisfeelsnice. 


Now, for 2018...I will continue my dedication to nice feelings with painted delights, vignettes of life, and other mysterious creative doodles.

I hope you enjoy.  

- B